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Deciphering an Astrological Wheel

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An astrological wheel is how the heavens, planets, stars, and other large astronomical bodies, would have looked from where you were born at the moment you were born. Many cultures have felt that the configuration is unique and sets up a resonance between you and Spirit as to what your life pattern and purpose is in this life. In Christianity we find the three Wise Men looking at astrology to forecast the birth of Jesus. Because of the placement of the heavenly bodies, they knew where Jesus was and what he would do.

Kythera's astrological wheel This is a sample of an astrological wheel (it's mine); you may want to refer to this as you read the article. The astrological wheel is like a diagram of the heavens. The wheel is divided up into twelve sections (such as, the twelve tribes of Israel). The sections are called houses. Each house has an influence on one's life (such as, each tribe of Israel had an influence on the community and therefore was associated with a particular community function [e.g.: tribe of Levi were Levites, the Priests].

The houses you have planets in determine the areas of life you will concentrate your activities in. Houses without planets are areas that will bear no special importance to your life. This does not mean that these areas won't be part of your life; it just means these areas don't require any special energy or focus on your part, there are no "new" lessons for you in these areas.

A brief overview of house influence is as follows:

I. Your physical body and appearance. Early environment. Your personality and self-expression. Your interests. "I am."

II. Your possessions and financial standing. What you value. Personal creative abilities, especially in music and voice. Talents, resources.

III. Studies. Communication. Short journeys. Ability to relate to your environment. Brothers and sisters and neighbors.

IV. Your heredity. The beginning and ending of life. Your home and parents. Physical and emotional security. Nurturing parent or mother influence.

V. Your creative expression. Self-expression. Procreation and your children. Love affairs. Adventures and speculation. Entertainment.

VI. Self-improvement. Your health, hygiene, and nutrition. Service and work. Suffering.

VII. Your relationships and partnerships. Legal matters. Contracts and agreements. Either cooperation or enmity. Characteristics you value in others.

VIII. Sex. Death-Rebirth. Must give up what is in second house. Transformation. House of responsibility. Occult and psychic experiences. Deep exchanges of energy.

IX. Your personal search for meaning. House of philosophy and knowledge. Higher education. Religion. Dreams. Long journeys. Publications. Teaching.

X. Your honor. Prestige. Status. Fame. Professional career. Ambitions. Employers. Mother or father. Public views.

XI. Your goals and objectives. Friends and social life. Groups and clubs. Reform and revolution. House of "wishes." Humanitarianism. Hopes, ideals, aspirations.

XII. What is hidden, unseen, or unexpected. The personal and collective unconsciousness. Your relationship to the roles and structure of society. Self-undoing, obstructions, and limitations. Karma. Seclusion. Institutions. Unconscious charity.

 The lines on the wheel represent lines of force (like the magnetic grid structure on the earth's surface) that exist between the planets. Some of these forces are complementary, and some create tension (like fault lines in the earth create tension for earth movement). The complementary lines represent gifts of the Spirit (referred to by their angle names, such as "sextile"), and the lines of tension represent how circumstances will force opportunities for growth (also referred to by geometric terms, such as "square"). In general, all positive aspects (gifts of Spirit) are referred to in triangular geometric terms (such as the Holy Trinity in Christianity), and negative aspects (areas to grow and develop in) are referred to in square geometric terms (like "the temple is built four-square").

 Also, if you look at an astrological wheel, even if you don?t know what all the funny marks and symbols mean, you can tell a lot by using the following guide:

 Right side of wheel indicates focus on others. Left side of wheel indicates focus on self. Upper half of wheel indicates that a person utilizes the right side of their brain, focuses on ideas and creativity. Lower half of the chart indicates that a person utilizes the left side of their brain, focuses on getting things done, is logical and pragmatic, "grounded."

 If you look at the chart we're using as an example, you'll find a lot more stuff in some quarters of the wheel than others (this is very common). By using the above information, you can see a lot. Add to that the house information, and you start getting an even better picture.

 There are three areas of a chart that most astrologers agree usually have the most influence on your personality. They are the signs of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. The Ascendant is also called your "rising sign." It refers to the sign of the zodiac which was literally rising (on the eastern horizon) at the time and place of your birth. You can always locate the Ascendant at 9:00 on the wheel; this is where an astrological wheel traditionally begins the first house. These factors are identified for you below, with brief summaries of their meanings for the example chart above:

 The example Ascendant (rising sign) is:Sagittarius
Expresses basic identity/personal action/instincts through:
Philosophy, ethics, moral principles, travel, truth-seeking.

 The example Sun sign is: Gemini
Your self-esteem/ego needs/life force are involved with:
Communication, humor, diversity, intellectual pursuits, teaching, education, flexibility.

 The example Moon sign is: Gemini
(this is often a different sign from the Sun sign; using my chart helps to keep this simple)
This sign is often more important than the Sun sign in women, as it rules the emotional body. In this example, the Moon sign expresses emotions/security/needs/vulnerabilities through:
Communication, entertaining (guests/parties/friends), sharing, laughter, spontaneity, "talking things out."

 All of life is an opportunity to grow and learn. A chart shows you what areas of life you are to do the most learning in, and what kind of reactions you will most likely have to those learning situations. How we handle our life is our responsibility. An astrological wheel does not predetermine our choices; it hints at what choices we are likely to be presented with and what natural tools we will use to work with those situations. One can always develop more gifts, learn to utilize their natural gifts wisely (stewardship of the earth), and therefore make wise decisions. This makes life easier, and we grow in joy. Refusing to use our gifts, or misusing them, makes life more difficult.

 The following astrology books are suggested for those who wish to study on their own. They are very basic and very fun:

Love Signs, Linda Goodman
The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, Joanna Martine Woolfolk

 Part of a computerized chart usually says things like "Jupiter conjunct Mars; positive aspect," etc. Those are computer-generated correspondences of your chart. Take the expressions with a grain of salt. Some will work for you, some won't; some you'll find outright contradictory. It's like looking at the ingredients of a recipe. A good cook knows how the ingredients will probably blend and what spices overpower others; therefore, even before they cook a dish, they have a good idea of how it will taste.

 For this little taste of astrology, I haven't done a full-blown analysis of my individual spices. Feel free to try your hand at chart analysis with my chart above. If you think you've had a flash of insight, or if you are now even more confused, please e-mail me.

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