Chattanooga Trip Tennessee Valley Rail Road Museum Entrance
Tennessee Valley Rail Road entrance
Chattanooga Trip Vintage Steam Engine
Vintage steam engine
Chattanooga Trip Lance got to climb into and see the engine
Lance got to climb into the engine
Chattanooga Trip Lance posing in a museum train
Lance posing in a museum train
Chattanooga Trip 1924 Dining Car
1924 Dining Car
Chattanooga Trip Chickamauga Turn
Chickamauga Turn
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Chattanooga Trip Lance
Chattanooga Trip All Aboard!
All Aboard!
Chattanooga Trip Train actor and docent
Train Actor and Docent
Chattanooga Trip Our waiter
Chattanooga Trip Our table
Our table
Chattanooga Trip The engine
The engine
Chattanooga Trip Lance
Chattanooga Trip Great views!
Great views!
Chattanooga Trip Missionary Ridge Tunnel
Missionary Ridge Tunnel
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For Lance’s birthday, since he LOVES trains, I arranged for us to visit Chattanooga, Tennessee. What a great trip! It’s a fabulous city with friendly people and lots to
do. Our only regret was that the trip was too short. We’ll be back!
We started out the trip by taking an eight hour
(yes eight hour) train ride. The engine was
steam and the last one to be built in the USA!
So, as steam engines go it was fairly new. The
passenger cars were all actually refurbished
cars from passenger trains. We sat in a “Jim
Crow” car.
They have a very active volunteer group that
helps with all the activities this historical train
foundation offers. Many are reenactment type
of volunteers. On the trip many Civil War
soldiers (both sides) traveled also and
explained a great deal about the importance of
trains and especially Chattanooga during the
War Between the States.
During the train ride, we were treated to a
delicious formal lunch served in the traditional
manner of great trains; a 1924 vintage dining
car. The table cloths, china and white coated
waiters made us long for a more genteel time.
Half way through our trip the train stopped and
we got to observe the engine using a round
about. All in all it was a great trip!
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