Chattanooga Trip Southern Belle office and shops, an old paddle boat!
Southern Belle
Chattanooga Trip Lovely scenery along the river
Fabulous views
Chattanooga Trip We were about two weeks early for the fall colors.
Fall colors
Chattanooga Trip Shopping is in the vintage ballroom
Vintage ballroom, now a store.
Chattanooga Trip The river is wide enough in places for islands.
Tennessee River
Chattanooga Trip The cruise line offers sightseeing, lunch, dinner and dance cruises.
Dinner and lunch trips
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Chattanooga Trip Details of the ballroom were amazing
Beautiful old details
Chattanooga Trip Beautiful weather, the river is an active freight way for barges,
Clear day
Chattanooga Trip Driving home it started to snow.
Road home
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From trains to boats. Moving down the Tennessee River in style!
The Southern Belle Riverboat daytime sightseeing cruise along the Tennessee
River was great fun!
We started the cruise out by arriving at their office and boarding area, an old
paddle boat! It maintained the beauty of the era it was built and now housed
shopping areas and the offices to run the cruise operation.
The cruise was narrated with interesting history about this part of the Tennessee
River. We learned about the Confederate and Union armies coming together as
well as the history of Lookout Mountain. We learned about the soldiers who
fought along the river as the trip took us near such battle sites as Lookout
Mountain, Moccasin Bend, Brown’s Ferry, Kelly’s Ferry, William’s Island, the Haley
Trace, and Signal Point. We also learned of Chattanooga’s industrial past as we
passed by many container barges and so much more!
This cruise also catered a "so-so" buffet lunch for us to eat, and a calliope that
was delightful to hear play as we meandered down the Tennessee River taking in
beautiful scenery on a perfect fall day! There are great blue herons, kingfishers,
hawks, and eagles to view on the trip plus many others as nearly 200 species of
birds are native to this area.
Finally it was time to start the drive home. As we passed over the Great Smokies
into North Carolina the great weather faded and we had snow.
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