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Samantha's Graduation Speech:

Writing                                                       by Samantha Bereman
Mrs. J. Billings                                                      June 8, 2005
Reflections on Grade School

    Quote: “Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the amount of moments that take our breath away.” –unquote  Although I am ready to move on, I am still sad, to leave what I’ve known for so long, behind.  I had made memories and friends along the way, and learned more and more about myself, as well as the people around me.  Now it is time for me to leave and start blossoming into the young woman I soon will be, but before I leave I will go back to those memories and those friends I once knew and say good-bye.

    I’m not like most kids…I’m different.  Although many may have come to the first day of kinder-garden scared and afraid, I came with my head held high, ready to face whatever new challenge or fun, that might be thrown my way.  I came exited and anxious, and I grew to love school.  After kinder-garden, first, second, and third grade flew by fast.  I was always good in school; it wasn’t a challenge to make good grades.  It seemed as if I were headed to the top!

    Then, fourth grade came along.  Homework, school, and friends, became a little harder to handle.  I had to make choices, and with those choices came responsibility.  Keeping up my grades was not as easy as it once was.  As time passed by, fifth grade came along.  The suspense was killing me…I couldn’t wait to get to sixth grade!

    Finally, sixth grade came along.  Looking back on my grade school years, I think sixth grade will be the year I remember most.  I changed so much this year: how I look, feel, and even act.  I have new friends, and although at the beginning of the year I was unsure of who I was and where I belonged, I now know.  This year I have metamorphosed into someone new, someone who I am just beginning to know.  I cannot wait until I get to know me more!

    I know I am just beginning my journey, but it feels as if I have just ended part of it.  Some of me wants to hold back, yet the other part of me is ready to be set free.  I can’t wait to find out what other obstacles and challenges I have to face next on this journey of mine!

graduation       graduation

graduation       graduation

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