Small bear wizard I like.

black rosesblack roses

Black roses, the petals edged in hot pink glitter with spider sprays.  Also three of my shoes in my "witch shoe" collection.  The smaller two are actually little porcelain boxes, their heels are hinged, a detail is below:

witch shoe detail

The fire place mantle was very fun to decorate being about twelve feet in length.  I used black organza leaves edged in hot pink glitter throughout, made wicked yet sparkly spiders...black goblet candles, some witch shoes tucked in here and there of course.  The full shot of the mantle was taken at night...the details are mostly day shots...when it got all lit up for the party Saturday I took another pic (the last one of this series)...looks very cool:)

mantle night

mantle detail daymantle detail day

mantle detail daymantle detail

mantle by candlelight

Had to decorate the lower mantle too...oh!  Another witch shoe, imagine that!

lower mantlelower mantle

A small display infront of the fireplace, mainly because the cats absolutely adore these and if I put them anywhere else they will be on whatever they are on to get to them...solution...put them on the floor, LOL!  Halloween kitty catnip:)  The witch pot actually has a bunch of candy in it...infact I put the best candy in it...this way one has to exercise by bending down to get to it, ha!

fire place display

Entering the front door, one can see two floral displays, one is in the cradle my father built (don't know what else to do with it, ha!) and the other is by the front window...with more witch shoes of course:)

cradelcorner display

Coffee table decor is fun because the frogs in the cauldron actually move and sing...it is where I put some party munchies too...but I didn't get a pic with those put out:(

coffee table

Witches aren't quite as good as a witch shoe in my opinion, but if they move and dance with purple hair, as this one does, or surround a purple candle...well then...they can't be all bad!

purple witches

What is not to like about cats?  My second favorite thing at Halloween next to a cool witch shoe:)  So a cute stuffed cat a friend gave me with a purple witch hat sits next to a purple witch shoe...of course!  The small cat that is hanging from the silver drawer knob says "If you got it, haunt it!"  She is a very cool acquisition I got this year, fully detailed front and back.

cat table

One end table has a nifty framed photo...I tell people it is my parents, ha!  When you move it changes from a normal wedding pic to one with a Medusa and mummy type of images...very gruesome.  The mug with the rat's tail and back paws hanging out is motion sensitive.  It will start making these slurping sounds, like the rat is drinking while the tail goes round and round...the whole thing ends in a very satisfied rat "burp!"  Ha!

side table

Just a fun haunted house that I've had forever.  It lights up and plays a Halloween song when it detects motion...or a loud laugh!  During parties it can be very annoying *grin*

side table two

At the opposite end of the thirty foot long living room from the front door, I did another display.  The light was too bright during the day for it to photograph well and not enough at night, darn!  On the same table is my newest and most favorite witch shoe.  Lots of colors and cutouts for candle light to show through.  Also it is one of my largest at about 9 inches long.  The other two witch shoes with a bear and a ghost in them just seemed to go well with the large one, but they weren't a set.

living roomliving room

witch shoewitch shoe

witch shoe

I was thrilled to find witch shoe pillows for the living room!  They are about 18" wide by a foot high.  Here is one:

witch shoe pillow

A couple of floral displays for two of the buffets in the dining room:

dining room floralsmall display

One of the dining room buffets has one of my earliest decorations  A bear dressed up as a ghostie that I love.    The candle holders are new...Not that I needed more, LOL!  I just am a candle-olic...had you noticed?

dinign room bear

The fourth dining room buffet has a collection of witch shoes that just didn't really go well anywhere else.

miscellaneous witch shoes

The dining room table is a perfect place to display some great witch shoe candle holders and salt/pepper shakers.  Here are some day and night shots.

dining room night

dining room day

dining room day

Do I have more Halloween decorations and witch shoes than this, oh my yes...but I think these pics give you the general drift...of course the purple hand towels, with little black spiders, that have orange witch hats, in the bathroom, are pretty darn cute....

Hope your Halloween is hauntingly great!

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