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Alternative Healing

In the United States, the term "alternative healing" encompasses any technique that does not fall within the regulated and licensed practices of the American Medical Association.   What are termed in the United States as "alternative healing practices" are usually considered normal in other countries and are used in conjunction with modern scientific medical practices.   Currently, some medical practitioners within the United States are seeing the value of alternative methods of healing and are trying to make many such methods available to the public.   This is a slow process for regulatory and licensing boards and until the results of these methods are qualified and quantified, it is very difficult to have these modalities covered by health care.   But this does not mean that alternative healing practices are invalid many people around the world find benefit from acupuncture, herbology, aromatherapy, cymatics and other such modalities.

Why do people find benefit from one modality or method of treatment rather than another if all the modalities (including modern medical science)
seem to work for some of the people?

All esoteric traditions teach that a person is not just blood, cells, bone, brain matter, etc.that we are more than the physical form.   Even medical science has come to the conclusion that the "mind" and the "emotional state" affect health.   To the followers of esoteric traditions, the soul and purpose of the individual also go into the formula of the health of an individual.

Melding the MediaMedical science and other modalities of healing each try to heal an individual by analyzing one or more of the bodies of a person (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are the usual terms) and balance the body or bodies being addressed.   Therefore, if the problem is primarily a broken bone in the forearm, that is clearly in the physical body; in this case, a modern medical doctor can set the bone and the patient will be fine in a while.   Disease and chronic neurological, muscular or skeletal discomfort often have more than one body as the cause of the discomfort...and this is when methods of alternative healing can go far beyond the modern practices of medical science.   Alternative modalities of healing usually address at least one of the other three bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual) and may or may not address the physical manifestation of the ailment directly.

Two of the bodies (emotional and mental) each individual can do a lot about balancing themselves.   Reducing your mental and emotional stress through the practice of meditation will go a long way in maintaining your health and give you a viable tool to bring your body back to health when it is out of alignment.   What is this meditation I am referring to?   That which relaxes and gives you peace.   For some people, sewing, quilting or painting makes them feel rejuvenated and calm...for others they feel relaxed when they chop wood, ride a bicycle or go for a drive.   Whatever you do that brings you to a natural state of relaxation and peace is actually a form of meditation for you.   Meditation for emotional and mental balance does not require the special times, chants or accoutrements normally associated with the idea of meditation.   Those forms of meditation can facilitate expanded awareness and alter the state of consciousness, but unless you are mentally and emotionally balanced and at peace first, they are difficult to pursue.

So to stay mentally and emotionally relaxed, you must allow yourself to take time for yourself and do the things that give you peace and comfort.
Too many people in society do not do this.   They say "when I have time, I will," or "I need to get this done first," and never make the time for themselves.   Those same people eventually become ill and then go to a doctor or alternative healing practitioner to be "fixed."   The unfortunate truth is, though, that even if the doctor or alternative healing practitioner is effective in taking the manifestation of the illness or discomfort away...THE PERSON WILL CREATE disease and discomfort again in their body by not taking the time to relax.

Once again, a great deal of the responsibility for our health resides with ourselves, not others.   If you think you do not have time to do the things that make you relaxed and bring you peace on a daily basis, just are part of the web of life; what you do to yourself, you do to the web; therefore, if you cannot take the time to keep yourself in balance...whatever else you are doing in life is not in balance, either.   You are actually adding to the disharmony of the are part of the problem, not part of the solution.   So relax!   Take the time to smell the flowers and enjoy this amazingly beautiful opportunity called life with which you have been gifted!

In Oneness,
Rev.  Kythera Ann


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