Remodel Title

wall texture

All the walls and ceiling were retextured.  The walls were painted a medium lilac with a violet wash (textured with a plastic bag).


The cabinets were all redone as shown.  Lilac exterior with cream inset.  The molding is a combination of the interior molding being violet and the rope molding gold.  One can barely see the new mahogony toilet seat and the cool new toilet paper holder is not viewable.

The base boards were replaced

The baseboards were replaced, they are now mahogony with gold rope trim.  Crown molding is a gold rope.

The old oil heater ducting was removed and a heat lamp, fan and to code outlets installed.


Decorating is always a fun part.  This art nouveau Mucha tapestry worked perfectly.  On the left is a peek at the art deco styled window covering I sewed.

floral display

The floral display seamlessly goes with the shower curtain.

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