Petra seating Kimberley

Queen Kythera speaks:

"Princess In Training Kimberley has worked hard for 25 years to become the perfect Princess. She works hard to keep her nails beautiful, her hair styled, to smell good, to be kind to animals and not kiss frogs. I as her Queen mother have found her to be a loving daughter and a kind and good woman. It is now time for her to be officially crowned Princess for all time. She has come of an age that her training is over and deserves to be acknowledged as a full-fledged Princess of our Hearts so that she can rule her own realm with love and kindness. With that in mind I am proud now to crown her." (Samantha brings crown for Kythera to place on head)
Kimberley listening to mom
Kimberley being crowned
Kimberley crowned

Crowd yells "Hossah!"

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