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Runes: Contemplative and Meditative Techniques
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Runes are one of the oldest known Western tools that individuals have used to tap the "still small voice within." Kythera Ann will guide participants in understanding the individual glyphs of the Futhark. The philosophies behind the Northern traditions will be taught through story, song and meditation on each rune. Each student will have the opportunity of making their own set of runes...encoding them with their understanding and charging them with their intent. There are many ways that these evocative symbols can be utilized in one's life...Europeans built runes directly into their architecture, to ensure protection and good harvests. New techniques beyond casting and throwing will be experienced as you enter yet another door to self-discovery.

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"I liked this rune class a lot...I experienced that it is another good tool to play with. You do a wonderful job motivating people to learn the linear stuff, and even have fun with it! Thank you."
Alexandra Seel- Berlin, Germany

 "It was interesting, enlightening, and I loved chanting the runes to life!"
Jay Johnson- San Jose, California
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