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Air Brush: Chakras & Auras
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This course is designed for student participation, with lecturing kept to a minimum. The workshop covers: the spectrum and the chakras, color meditations, the breath, personal influence of color, auras (their meanings, how to read and sense them), correlation of sound and light (its use for health).

 As color is around everyone, it is only sensible that those on the path have a firm grasp as to its meaning and how to utilize it in life. Kythera will explain how humanity's ocular evolution is allowing us to see higher and higher frequencies of light. The new light octaves of the eighth through twelfth chakras will be worked with. This material includes, and then goes beyond, the ray explanations of Alice Bailey by including these new frequencies that have been made manifest and are continuing to unfold.

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"Lots of cute, little, practical tricks to use as a beginning in understanding these phenomena."
Eric Lund- Los Gatos, California

 "It was fun...and playful...answered a few strange experiences I have had (e.g.: became unable to breathe, etc.), and clarified a lot more on the chakras."
Dinnie McLaughlin- Los Altos, California
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