TAROT: A Focus for Channeling
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The course provides participants an excellent tool for connecting to their "Inner Voice." The course usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Local students meet for 3 hours per week and do 1-3 hours per week home study. Students participating by mail set their own pace, but average 4 hours a week of study.

 Participants will become familiar with the structure of the tarot, and discover how to use the cards as a focus for channeling. Kythera will guide individuals to unfolding greater depths of perception through the utilization of this unique tool. Special emphasis will be made on understanding the meaning of each card in a a simple and holistic way. Various tarot spreads, suitable for different kinds of questions, will be worked with. Kythera will work closely with participants, so that each is assured of being able to synthesize the information channeled from each card into a dynamic whole. The correlation of numerology and Hebrew to tarot will be discussed. Participants may use their own deck, or if taking the course locally, use one of the many different kinds Kythera will provide. This tool is an excellent focus for many individuals to find their own answers to questions from the mundane to the Spiritual.
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"A wonderful view of the cosmology of the theory/philosophy of the tarot
that can be applied to any system or deck of choice."
Shirley Bartlett- Oregon

 "Excellent class that allowed me to develop my ability to trust the information I receive when reading. Fun games and tools in tarot. I liked how the class combined many symbols, myths, stories."
Karen Hansen- Vermont

 "I feel like I'm off to a good start with tarot. After the first two weeks, I was feeling pretty comfortable with the deck...more so than after six weeks of self-study. Kythera is also very knowledgeable about
books and related literature. Very fun experience."
Tricia S.- California

 "I really enjoyed the course...wish it were longer. The material gave me a wonderful base to work from. I've learned how to form questions (focus my thoughts for a reading), and see my deck as having much more information and symbolism than I had ever seen before. Thank you!"
Ali Weeden- LouisianaThin animated rainbow line

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