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Night and Her Train of Stars
"Night With Her Train of Stars"
Painting by Edward R. Hughes

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Learn to strengthen your ability to remember your dreams. Find out what your dreams mean. Learn to use this symbolic language to enhance your life. Do you astral travel at night? Do you dream walk? How does one develop lucid dreaming? What is "real" and what our mind is creating will be discussed, worked with and improved upon! Participants will use their own dreams for all exercises.

The course provides participants an excellent tool for exploring "self." The course usually takes 1 month to complete. Local students meet with me for 3 hours per week and do 1-3 hours per week home study. Students participating by mail set their own pace, but average 4 hours a week of study.

"Very interesting course. I enjoyed it a lot and would highly recommend it to my friends."
Hieu Truong

 "I enjoyed techniques, ways to access information. It was very interesting and I learned new things."
Linda Jackson

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Envelopes look like they're moving through space with colorful stars.

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