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I am often asked how one can eliminate negativity or negative entities in their life.  Remember that “fear” always gives away your power, so you are defeated through fear before you ever start.  A positive attitude and strong sense of self will go a long way to help you avoid negativity in most situations.

Here also are some helpful exercises and activities for protection:

Activity to be done every night before going to sleep:

Michael's sword1.  Visualize a purple flame starting at your feet and then enveloping you.   While this flame envelopes you, contemplate the concept that it is burning off the dross matter, the negativity that you have accumulated through your thoughts, actions, words and deeds.  You may call it the purple flame of St Germain if you wish, and thank the flame when it is done.

2.  Next, visualize a flaming sword of blue, usually associated with Archangel Michael.   Ask Michael to sever any negative thought forms, entities and/or ties that are attached to you and seal the severed cords in love and light.   Visualize this sword twirling around you like a whirling dervish...thank Michael when the energy dissipates.

3.  Next visualize a blue pyramid of light over your head (I call it a "lay-oh-aish she-kye-nuh")   See this pyramid rotating counterclockwise (towards your left shoulder) and slowly growing as it rotates, enveloping you, your bed, your room, your home, your property (I repeat layoaish shekinah over and over in my mind like a mantra while doing this).   Realize that nothing but your own perceptions/feelings/ideas/self and that which YOU invite can penetrate this pyramid.

4.  As you are steadily enveloped in this pyramid, gently feel yourself rotating with it and rising.   When you perceive you are floating about two-thirds of the way up in the pyramid, sense yourself stopping.   Perceive a gray fog all around you and realize your consciousness is upon the astral plane.   Stand (in your visualization) and stretch your arms in front of you, hands up with palms facing forward.   Project your intent through your hands of: "I transmute all my actions, words, thoughts, and deeds into wisdom for my growth and understanding."   Slowly turn and do this to the North, East, South, West, Above and Below.

5.   As you do the previous step, the fog will dissipate and you will see a starry night and experience yourself floating in the sky.   Next visualize fire...a fire that does not burn but transmutes...that is red and gold.   See this fire exhale from your own breath and heart.   Project this fire throughout the night sky (you may hear a sh.... sound).   With the projection of this fire goes the command "to transform and clear any negative projections others have placed upon any of the mental bodies or astral planes of humanity about me."  When this is complete, the fire will dissipate and the night sky reappear.

6.  Still standing, raise your arms and call forth the 144,000 ascended masters (and still growing strong) serving the office of the Christ, your masters, teachers, guardians, counselors and guides.   Ask them to fill you with the white light of Christ consciousness.   Sense being enveloped by and filled with this white light with every breath.

7.  Ask to remember what needs to be remembered in your night’s activities, to learn what you need to learn and to touch those that you can help.

Float off to dream land....

This can be enhanced by preceding it with a bath that has a half cup of salt in the water.  One can be dizzy when stepping out of a salt bath, so move slowly.

Exercises to be done during the day:

1.  Visualize your chakras as light switches.   Every time you are going to have to deal with someone outside your own space, mentally switch off all chakras below the heart...turn them back on when you are in a safe space.   Doing this regularly, and you will eventually learn how to connect with others only through your heart and above and not be swayed by solar plexus and root chakra connections.

2.  If you feel someone has undue influence over you or is trying to, the way they can usually connect is through the solar plexus and the back of the neck.   Visualize a mirror that faces them over these areas.   Any thoughts will be reflected back to them.

Remember always to love yourself and “know with whom you walk.”  That is the foremost sure-fire method of always living in, of, and through Spirit.

In Oneness,
Kythera Ann

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