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School Statement of Purpose

I received a vision in the summer of 1988 indicating that an organization, structured and focused differently than other metaphysical groups, was needed. After continued contemplation and meditation, the School of Spiritual Integrity was born.

People around the world appeared to be truly ready to make giant leaps in awareness. Groups that facilitate and explain the subtle experiences associated with expanding awareness are not located next door and readily available to most of the population. Metaphysical bookstores, information, instruction, and tools are often difficult to find. Many classes require individuals to travel to Arizona, California, and other concentrated centers of active "New Age Awareness" for participation. Thus, individuals usually must be both financially secure enough to cover travel, lodging, food, and instruction, and also free to leave their responsibilities of job and family for extended periods of time. Not many people can do this. Another option that most individuals have access to (although finding them can be a trick!) is mail-order instruction. This method, though certainly better than nothing, has some serious flaws. Individuals grow in awareness at different rates and along different patterns. Mail-order instruction tends to be stuck within the particular organization's pholosophy and perspective of growth, with the additional assumption that everyone starts at point "A" and it takes six months of exercise "X" to get to point "B." This system has been relatively unsuccessful, as framed in our current public-school mentality; it is definitely undesirable when applied to areas of metaphysical reality and growth.

There is another reason that many individuals have personal difficulties when seeking to expand their awareness. Metaphysics is not a topic of open conversation in most of our societal groups. The majority of people in our culture have virtually no personal, one-on-one contact with other individuals who have experienced or are experiencing similar concepts, visions, ideas, and phenomena. This lack of openness generates a terrible sense of isolation, loneliness, and self-doubt. Many people live in communities that either openly or subtly make someone feel "wrong," "different," or "sinful" for having insights or interests (in any form) that go beyond the traditional concepts and activities of the community.

The School of Spiritual Integrity was formed to address these problems. I have formed a network of individuals with various skills, techniques, and perspectives who possess a selfless desire to serve humanity and to raise world consciousness wherever and whenever needed. Each individual, as a facilitator, has grown on their own path and within their own tradition. Each has attained the understanding that all paths and traditions are integral parts of the Divine Plan. These individuals know that there is no one answer or approach for Spiritual growth. As independent associates, they maintain absolute integrity to their own "inner voice" and an abiding respect for everyone else's inner guidance. We know that all truths are part of "Truth," and that it grows, changes and evolves as we do.

The school has a plethora of courses ranging from Comparative Religion and Kabbalah, to Tarot and Crystals. Individuals seeking greater knowledge in any of these areas, regardless of where they live, can contact and make arrangements with me, or another facilitator, to come into their area to give personal instruction. The interested individual forms a group of at least six others, in their area, that are also interested in instruction. The instructor's expenses for travel, lodging, and home-base living expenses are divided among the individuals in the area who wish to participate. Thus, we try to keep a balance between intent and information: not making spiritual growth difficult due to finances and/or geography, while making the school self-sufficient financially. For individuals who are unable to gather a group in their area, and yet still wish to have the instruction, we design individual course material and maintain contact by mail, e-mail, phone, and other methods so dear to a metaphysician's heart. The school also offers a metaphysical lending library by mail and other selected products/tools that people can purchase. Finally, to facilitate a sense of continual connectedness with others, we have meditations that anyone can participate in; information can be sent to the individual every two weeks regarding this work.

It is my intent and belief that the school is to manifest harmony and unity in the highest sense. The motto is "Harmony of Life through Oneness." The school strives to be a living system and working ground the principle of harmony into our everyday lives, like an ever-flowering mandala...synthesizing all perspectives and techniques, and disseminating to all, the same, without judgment or conflict.

If you wish further information, be sure to e-mail me. Enjoy browsing the school's articles and course descriptions. If there is an area you are interested in that is not specifically mentioned, ask. This is a constantly evolving web site, and I will probably never be able to fully delineate the scope of our resources.

In Oneness

Rev. Kythera Ann

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