Remodeling Part 2

The house is far from finished.  Some accomplishments have been made though.  Pretty new light fixtures have been installed in the halls, living room and dining room.

living room & dining room ceiling fan/light    hall lights

I had a great time painting the laundry room.  I did it with layers of paint, rollers, cheese cloth etc to make a really cool pattern.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice.  It’s pretty blues and purples…a lot like an Easter egg *smile*  It would be a bit much for a room one actually lived in, but for the laundry room it’s perfect, makes me smile…that is a lot for a laundry room to do!  It was a blast painting it this way, such abandon and freedom of expression.  I highly recommend it!  Had me dancing around happily all day.

laundry room paint

My craft/office room is 95% done.  I have to still varnish the closet doors and the room door and have them installed, and Lance has a bit of trim to install around the counters but other than that it is ready to go.  I really like it.  I had fun customizing the trim…took hours to paint/stain it the way I did, but the final results were fabulous.  The new windows are perfect for the lighting I needed and the counters everywhere are a dream for my projects.  Here are pictures of trim, the counter pattern and the windows.  I’ll get the actual counter and other things after they are totally done.  The cats love the wide window ledges I designed for them…purrrrrfect for their lounging purrrrrsonalities.  I had the natural wood floors refinished.  I prefer the wood in this room as it is far easier to get the glitter, pins and other special craft things up after a project than with carpet.

trim    window    counter laminate

    So much for house accomplishments.  More will come.  I did, after thirty years (took me a while?!) get the wonderful chair my Dad had given me recovered.  It was the one I always had in the bedroom.  I had the back restored as a channel back as it suited the frame better I thought.  I also had an ottoman constructed to match.  The nagahide they had on the chair was in tatters, but the reupholsterers were very impressed with the construction of the chair.  The springs and everything were in perfect condition still.  That chair must be 50 years old now!  Anyway, it is in a lovely plum velvet brocade which goes nicely with the lilac living room walls and eventually the blue carpet.  It is such a comfortable chair for reading; I’ve always liked it.  Anyway I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing an old chair transformed.

chair    chair

P.S. Before I leave you, take a gander at the awesome fall colors we saw out our living room window this year!

fall colors

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