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    When we moved from California we took two weeks to travel across the country to our new home in North Carolina.  We visited family and friends along the way and had a great time.  Unfortunately our camera broke near the beginning of our trip.  Maybe one of these days I'll scan in the post cards I got.  For now these are the very few pics we have.


This restaurant was in a little town off Route 66.  Awesome, absolutely awesome food.  Live music...a guy who sounded like Frank sinatra.  The owner had entertained the "Rat Pack" and was of that generation.  GREAT chef!

We saw lots of fun places on Route 66.  Most of the towns are unfortunately fading away because of the new interstate roads.  But there are still hysterically cheesy tourist traps along the way.  We tried to check them all out!

road side commerce is amazing!

Lance on a what?    It's large!

Tucomcarrie    The building was made the same way!

    We had a great visit with friend, Ginger and Tom in Santa Fe.  Our camera was fried by then, but these are pics from Ginger of the area and her front door.  In Santa Fe, all front doors legally must be blue!  Imagine!

Santa Fe church    Front door

Santa Fe street

    In Texas we stayed with internet friends Dwayne and JoAnn.  What fun!  She reads cards, he plays music and philosophises...we liked each other in person even better than on the net if that was possible!  These photos are courtesy of Dwayne...our camera kaput:(

Dwayne-Lance    JoAnn - Lance

Kythera - Dwayne    Kythera - JoAnn

    We saw lots of other people, places and things, but that will remain in our minds eye and post cards I'll scan into this page one day.

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