Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Lance and I considered moving to Canada for our retirement.  In investigating this course of action we went to Ontario and spent time in the Sturgeon Falls area checking things out.  We had a delightful time.  Unfortunately, when we talked to an attorney in Toronto we found out that retirement immigration is no longer available in Canada, so we could not move there.  Here are some pictures from the trip and the lovely people we met along the way.

We stayed in a motel at Sturgeon Falls.  Even though it was September I found it humid.  This is a picture from the hotel of the area, pretty flat.  We had a cool little rental car that you can see also.

view from motel    rental car

We were welcomed with open arms by the local Lions Club.  We got together a couple of times with them.  They are all fluent in French.  Mine was embarassingly rusty.

Sturgeon Falls Lions    Sturgeon Falls Lions    Sturgeon Falls Lions

Wandering around the small town Lance spotted this church which was a camera's delight:

Sturgeon Falls church    same church

In trying to organize this trip via the internet, I connected with a lady who owns a metaphysical store near to where we were visiting.  She was having a pagan fall gathering and asked me to do an intro talk  on kabbalah.  Everyone was very nice.  There were lots of mini workshops going on at the event. 

some participants    Ravyn is the store owner and coordinated the event.

making the space sacred

   more drumming

Ravyn, coordinator

We found it interesting, that when driving throughout the area, we would see small piles of stones...they looked like some sort of purposeful marker.  We went into a store and found they were called "Inukshuk."   Inukshuks stand as beacons to guide Canada's travelers in the far north.  "Inukshuk" means "in the image of man" and has become symbolic of the brotherhood of peoples everywhere.  An  Inukshuk can be any combination of two or more stones put together to show a direction.  But most are built to look like a man.


We visited with another Lions club in a nearby town.  The President's wife was from California.  We had fun lamenting the lack of available chocolate and Ortega Green Chiles that Ontario faces.

Lance & Lion's President    Lion Club members

President's wife    More club members

While there, we chose to attend Sunday Service at the Anglican Church.  Surprisingly they had a female Priest.  The church was charming and the Rector delightful.

Anglican Church    Inside Anglican Church

At the service we connected with a lovely woman named Alma.  She invited us to her home for lunch.  Gosh! She made a fabulous lemon merangue pie!  Her husband is a retired policeman.  He is a Shriner and she is in Eastern Star.  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  Even though we didn't move there we continue to stay in touch.  Since their daughter lives in North Carolina we may even be lucky enough to have them visit!

Alma, Lance, Kythera & Jim

Alma & Jim    Lance & Kythera

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