Dreaming Moon.
Dreaming Moon
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When the full moon is in the constellation of Taurus (usually the full moon in May), a world-wide event takes place that is oftentimes referred to as Wesak. In the East, this date also marks a celebration of Buddha's birth, attainment of Buddhahood, and his departure from the physical body. The new and full moon periods are always times of increased communication with other dimensions. It is as if the veils become thinner between planes, and is why meditation at these times can be very fruitful. When the moon is in Taurus, a special rending of the veils occurs. As legend has it, Buddha, "The Illumination of Light," and Christ, "The Embodiment of Love," meet at this time for the benefit of humanity and Earth. The Office of the Christ and the Office of the Buddha work in concert for the vibrational upliftment of humanity. Wesak marks an intense period of Spiritual evaluation in all dimensions. This evaluation sets humanity's vibrational destiny for the next twelve-month cycle.

 According to tradition, Wesak is a time when the Buddha returns to Earth, to bless it. This blessing is transmitted through the Christ for renewed Spiritual life. It is further stated in the legends about Wesak, that when Buddha pours forth the blessing upon the Earth, Christ (who has remanifested upon the Earth) intones a great mantra used only at this time of year. This mantra sets up such a powerful vibration, that it reaches up from Earth directly to Spirit. This mantra is supposedly an interdimensional vibratory link that can connect all the Living Light bodies from Earth to God. Through the Office of the Buddha the Wisdom of God is poured forth, and through the Office of the Christ the Love of God is manifested. This creates a ring pass not communication effect for all active participants.

 In modern times, it is common for individuals to meditate at the time of Wesak. Meditators send forth to God as much consciously gathered and focused Christed Love as they can. At the same time humanity is sending a stream of Christed Love to God, a massive down pouring of Divine Intelligence and Understanding will envelop Earth. The upwelling Love of humanity connects vibrationally to a down-pouring vibration of Wisdom; through this connection, the Hierarchy can set the karmic clocks for humanity's unfoldment. The setting of the karmic clocks is in direct proportion to humanity's demonstrated ability to assimilate higher Light frequencies. This ability of Earth and humanity to assimilate the higher Light frequencies is in direct proportion to the quality and quantity of focused Light that is generated from Earth. The new vibrational patterns needed for continued soul growth (karmic clocks) are set for a twelve month cycle.

 I was driving through the redwood forest of California on Wesak of 1990. I channel songs in Hebrew and Greek frequently. I did not consciously realize that the legend of Wesak included a mantra. I asked my guidance what would be an appropriate sound vibration to describe Wesak. I received the words and harmony for Shekinah, Soma Christu. I was shown how the Shekinah is an energy manifestation of sound that calls to humanity. Individuals who have consciously evolved vibrationally to the point of recognizing this frequency (requesting that the Children of Light stand up and be counted) respond with the sound vibration of Soma Christu!

 With this as a background, the meaning of Shekinah, Soma Christu can be discussed:

 Shekinah, (pronounced she-k+eye-nuh) means "presence of God" derived from the feminine aspect of the Holy Trinity. It is the energy that sanctifies from within the dimension of matter, referred to in Christian Traditions as the Holy Spirit. Shekinah is the visible manifestation of the divine presence. Shekinah is the power of the Holy Spirit and pours forth as a river of Divine Understanding and Intelligence (like Wisdom, Sophia). Shekinah enables the basic building blocks of intelligence to be transformed and transmuted so that they can vibrate at frequencies attuned to the divine blueprint. The Shekinah has the ability to perfect our consciousness programs by eliminating distortions even on a cellular level.

 Soma Christu (pronounced So-ma Chris-two) is Greek and means Light of Christ. It is the Light we have the ability of igniting within when connecting to our Christed Overself. The "Christos" creates the energy impulse to speak the sacred languages and thus (through transformation of sound encoded in Light) enables one to understand revealed eternity. To utilize this combination (Shekinah, Soma Christu) requires one to understand the motivation behind its creation.

 I have a tape available that I recorded, where the mantra resounds with the Shekinah coming from a great distance calling to Earth. The Soma Christu represents sparks of divine consciousness igniting in individuals all over the Earth. These sparks are igniting in Joy and Love, proclaiming their devotion to Spirit and willingness to work with the Hierarchy of Light to lift humanity's vibration. Through the vibration of Soma Christu, the Children of Light consciously proclaim their support of, and at-onement with, the Divine plan.

 Although I channeled this for Wesak, I've found that anytime one works with this harmony an unfoldment and feeling of joy in being connected to God takes place.

 If you would like to try a Wesak meditation/visualization ceremony, try this:


Hear in your mind the call of the Shekinah; visualize an energy beam coming from galaxies away, searching for a response. As you intone the Soma Christu three times, realize you are answering a divine call. Respond with joy and love for the infinite plan. Realize you are intoning the words three times to acknowledge your understanding of the trinitization required for Christed consciousness. Feel the connection with the Shekinah of Divine Intelligence and Understanding growing stronger each time you intenally hear the call of the Great Mother. Feel your body radiating ever brighter in correspondence to your increasing commitment to the Hierarchy as you intone Soma Christu. Each Soma Christu, by its connection with the spiritualizing energy of the Shekinah, becomes ever more joyous. You are vibrationally proclaiming to the universe your commitment to the Divine plan.

 Once these realizations have occurred, expand your consciousness. Visualize the Shekinah vibration echoing through space, enveloping the entire Earth. With each intonation of Soma Christu, see a small Light ignite upon the Earth's surface. As these Lights multiply with each intonation of Soma Christu, realize that each Light represents a Child of Light responding to the call of Spirit. Realize that these Lights are your Brothers and Sisters of Light throughout humanity. Remember that as we grow in number, and the "Christos" motivates us to proclaim our identity through the vibrational harmonies encoded in the Language of Light, that we can raise the vibration of the Earth. Each of us can serve the plan of Spirit with joy and love!

 In Oneness,
Kythera Ann

Article adapted from the book Songs of Light, by Kythera Ann.

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