Photograph of the Mandala of Genesis by Kythera Ann

Symbology of a Mandala

All mandalas are designed to guide the viewer into an altered state of awareness through contemplation. This type of contemplation is categorized as a form of "wideeyed" meditation. In general, the art, symbols, and color of a mandala will guide an individual from the distractions of the mind (outer rim of the mandala) to a still center (the center of the mandala). You may wish to try this form of wide eyed meditation by gazing at the mandala above. It is called "Genesis" and is full of symbolism based on the first book of the Bible. This mandala can be used as a "Light Contemplator." As one stares into the center, the mind can expand to encompass the symbolism and inner teachings of the book of Genesis. Some of the archetypal symbolism is as follows:

 The center represents the Gnosis, or God, surrounded by a "real" or "reel" representing the Divine Blueprint of creation. The soul is born from the creative center and sent to the rounds of earthly existence via the harpstrings, or various light rays, as the Holy Sephiroth play the celestial music of the spheres and Spirit. As the soul emerges into the plane of mammon, it is coded by the DNA/RNA (represented by the two large pink flowers on each corner) within the ovaries, then flowing out the vulva to enter the "reel" or "real" of life on earth. To reenter the center, one must "re-birth" in Spirit (represented by the symbol of Pisces) and reenter the womb of the soul, unlocking the DNA/RNA programming (represented by the flaming Buddha figure), thus commencing with the "dark night of the soul" and following the inner wave of light back up the celestial harpstrings (or vibrations) to the center.

 Much more than this brief explanation can be realized through sustained meditation.


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