The Menorah
>"The Menorah"

Focus for a Kabbalistic Sound Meditation

           The following visualization can be done while intoning the words "Shem Or Menorah." The vibrations from these words (I sing them; why not try it?!) help us to understand the Tree of Knowledge; and by extension, by understanding the Tree of Knowledge we have the opportunity to realize our oneness with the Tree of Life.

           Shem is a name extension of G_d. Shem attached to a word makes it a name of G_d or aspect of divinity. Shem in Hebrew means: name; upright; righteous; sign. The idea of name; an aspect of divinity; an extension of G_d takes on even greater meaning when we remember that Shem is the name of Noah's son in Genesis 5:32: "And Noah got to be 500 years old. After that Noah became father to Shem, Ham and Ja'peth."

           Five hundred represents a change in divine proportions. In this instance it represents a purified genetic blueprint that was being encoded in humanity. This genetic encoding would allow for the continuation of G_d?s plan after the 40-day flood. Names have always been associated with power. Naming a son of Noah, "Shem" (aspect or extension of G_d), instilled a father of a new cycle with a genetically encoded memory of conscious identity with G_d. The power of sound (symbolized by a name) would ignite geometric patterns (ideas) and thus maintain the vibratory link needed for humanity's ultimate unification with the higher heavens. Shem was the grandfather of Abraham, thus signifying that the genetic blueprint did indeed transfer as planned.

           The pattern of genetic coding (I'm talking species, not race), its key to unlocking the internalized plan, and the ultimate result of the plan being fully operational, can be deciphered in part by a series of Hebrew words appearing in the Torah that all start with "shem." When we place the words in alphabetical order, they become like a road map to unlocking our own genetic blueprint.

Shema: sound; music; hearkening
Shemaah: hearing; obeying; understanding; annunciation
Shemaiah: hearkening unto G_d; obedience to G_d
Shemariah: G_d keeps guard; G-d has kept; safe-keeping of the Lord
Shemida: righteous perception; brilliant discernment; splendor of the wisdom; comprehension of the Name
Sheminith: eight; the eight; octave; increased; enlarged; excelling
Shemiramoth: name of the Most High; brilliant exaltation; heights of heaven


          The above list can be read: Our extension of G_d (Shem) can be awakened through sound and music (Shema). By hearing and obeying this awakened portion (of ourselves), we start to understand and receive messages (Shemaah). If we show obedience to G_d and hearken to G_d (Shemaiah), G_d will keep guard over us and we will be safe (Shemariah). This alignment with G_d's plan will allow us Spiritual Understanding and Discernment of light frequencies not in total resonance with G_d (Shemida). When we have connected with our higher Overself and ignited our eighth chakra, we will be in harmony with Spirit (Sheminith). Finally we come to Shemiramoth, which is the name of the Most High, the heights of heaven that man (in this cycle) can enter vibrationally to experience the fullness of G_d's plan (Paradise).

           The second word we intone with our visualization is "Or," which means Light. This Light represents the frequencies of Light transmitted from the higher heavens to the planetary worlds of manifestation. These frequencies of Light are part of the Ain Soph Aur (Or). Since it is proceded by the word Shem, for Shem Or, we can ensure that this is indeed the divine Light of G_d we are contemplating.

           Menorah means lampstand. Much fruitful information can be gleaned by studying each syllable. "Men" means portion; since it preceeds the second syllable of "or" (Light), we can surmise that this word is talking about a portion of Light frequencies that are part of the Ain Soph. According to the Scrolls of Adam and Eve, G_d allowed one seventh of the Light of the higher heavens to remain in the lower heavens. This portion of Light is the Seventh Ray (Or) which can be utilized as an interdimensional frequency to communicate with the higher heavens. The last syllable, "ah," is made up of two significant Hebrew letters in English. The aleph (a) represents the breath of Life, all in potentia...; the He (h), the window the Shekinah (presence of G_d) can manifest through.

Thus we can discern that the menorah is far more than a lampstand. It is symbolic of the portion of Light that is in the breath of form.

           At this point we can look at the entire phrase, "Shem Or Menorah," and start to perceive the many layers of teaching this song is capable of unfolding...G_d's divine Light reveals that portion 
of divine Light that permeates the universe!

          Besides studying the words of the phrase, understanding can also be revealed by focused meditation on the form that is named, the menorah. There are very specific instructions in the Torah as to how the Menorah is to be formed. See Exodus 25:31-37. The entire text is a symbolic map of many levels designed to facilitate the unlocking of divine Understanding through the contemplation of divinely inspired form.

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The above should be enough background to be able to go forward with the suggested exercise below:

 As you intone "Shem Or Menorah," see a menorah before your third eye. Breathe deeply the essence of each lit candle into your heart. See the divine Light penetrating and igniting the seed crystals of your bloodstream with each breath. See the menorah of your body merging with the Menorah before you. What parts of the Menorah before you are difficult to integrate into your vehicle? Why?

 Focus on each flame of the branches individually. Discover what each branch has to teach you. After you have meditated and explored each part of the Menorah, again breathe deeply of its total essence. As you continue to intone the words, see the flames separating from the Menorah to form higher and higher geometries of Light. Dwell upon the significance of each one you see.

 Again try to merge into the Menorah you are seeing before you. Start at the bottom of the Menorah and travel up each branch to the Light. What do you discover? Now travel back down the lit branches to the trunk of the Menorah. Merge with this portion of divine Light that is in this dimension in its entirety.
What does it feel like? What is it telling you?

 The visualizations, meditations, and revelations utilizing this song are endless.
Use it to strengthen your link with Ha Shem!
Hammer the gold of your vibrations!

In Oneness,

Rev. Kythera Ann

The text and music above was adapted from Kythera Ann's Songs of Light, a book and tape set.

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