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Tree of Life with Sefiroth in Hebrew

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The course provides participants an excellent tool for Spiritual growth. The course usually takes 6-9 months to complete. Local students meet with me for 3 hours per week and do 1-3 hours per week home study. Students participating by mail set their own pace, but average 4 hours a week of study. Participants will begin to understand how to release the Shekinah dimension in their own lives. Kabbalah in Hebrew means: "message"; "to receive"; "tradition"...it is an ancient contemplative and meditative system that has proved valid for the Western mind set for thousands of years. Kythera does not give the answers through this course; she opens the door to your own mystical revelations. In this course, others' interpretations are left behind. Now you, as thousands of Kabbalists before you, glimpse and become the revelation.

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Past participants have usually loved this material so much that they evolve into the in-depth study of Kabbalah for their entire life. Still, that only scratches the surface. To contemplate Creation, to become One with the essence of All, is a never-ending journey of joy and wonder!
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"Shekinah" is a Hebrew word signifying "presence of God" or Holy Spirit, and is the dimension we become aware of when chanting sacred words. The Hebrew alphabet (Autiot), of 22 consonants, are soundless preparations for speech which come alive when vowel sounds are added. Universal Principles are encoded in each letter, and Spiritual growth is carried forward by the study of this "language of light" (involving chanting and sound from a Jewish/Christian Kabbalistic perspective). The ideograms behind each Hebrew glyph (letter) will be worked with, allowing participants to utilize them as a focus for meditation. Techniques will be demonstrated to fully ignite the higher Light bodies utilizing sacred words: thus unlocking, for manifestation, the Holy Spirit or Shekinah dimension that lies within our DNA/RNA. The course will use material from Kythera's book and tape Songs of Light and includes an in-depth study of the material in The Bahir by Aryeh Kaplan.

 Kythera Ann has studied Hebrew, Aramaic, and other sacred languages for two decades to penetrate the mystery of "in the beginning was the Word." Each class is spiced with Kabbalistic lore, as well as anecdotes about Old and New Testaments, especially as they are interpreted as symbols of the subconscious and higher conscious minds. This course encodes individuals' consciousness with the understanding of geometric Light patterns, and prepares them for future studies within Western traditions. Fill your heart with joy! Sing the Divine Names! Through the power of the voice as a resonating link to Spirit, quantum leaps in multidimensional understanding take place.

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