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Sound for Transformation
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Rev. Kythera Ann will present thoughts and exercises for individuals to experience the awesome, transformative power of sound. "In the beginning was the Word" will take on new meaning as you discover that vibration is what forms our reality as we know it. Multi-cultural methods of sound for Spiritual growth, from American Indian to Hindu philosophy, will be worked with.

 The focus of this course is understanding sound, its effect on our reality, and the empowering of the voice. The course will explore the sacred sounds of the world religions; bringing a new depth to why they work, their purpose, and how to apply "the Word" in practical situations. Kythera Ann will be demonstrating techniques to fully ignite the "Higher Light" bodies by utilizing sacred words; thus unlocking, for manifestation, the Holy Spirit or "seed crystals" within your DNA/RNA. Kythera Ann, author of the book and tape Songs of Light, is a scholar of ancient sacred sound, with an emphasis on the Western tradition.

 The course usually takes 2 months to complete. Local students meet with me for 3 hours per week and do 1-3 hours per week home study. Students participating by mail set their own pace, but average 3 hours a week of study.


"Class was interesting, uplifting and inspirational. The power of the mantras is a wonderful enhancement to meditation."
Barbara Avery- Santa Fe, New Mexico

 "I came away with the faculty for letting go of preoccupations, and for centering myself between Earth and God."
Craig Curtis- Campbell, California

 "Of course you know I love chanting...and have gained a tremendous amount from Kythera's teaching and sharing...IT ALL WORKS!!!"
Madelynn Moran- San Jose, California


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