Candle-Light by Sulamith Wulfing

>"Candle-Light" by Sulamith Wulfing

The Value of Sound

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Sounds have a vibratory rate, as do thoughts, colors, and all other known things. Thoughts have various frequencies that correlate with frequencies of color and sound. This is why some sounds make your body react, and/or your mind think certain things. With these understandings, let us look at the historical use of sound in relationship to religion and/or spiritual awareness.

 Throughout the known history of mankind, sound has been utilized by people who pursue “inner knowledge,” people who teach “spiritual concepts,” and people who practice “certain beliefs.” For instance: could you perceive of a religion that never had music, hymns, chanting or prayer in its service? In folklore, has there ever been an autistic wizard? In history, a speechless avatar/master?

 We psychologically relate certain sounds to certain moods, ideas, and events because these sounds vibrate at the same frequency as the mood, idea, or event. As an example, the beat of marching tunes has always been the same in every culture throughout matter what the melody or instrument(s) used. Our body reacts to rhythm, our minds to subtler harmonies; and, just as a certain beat makes our body want to march, various combinations of sound attract energies that can be used for a variety of purposes, from “raising consciousness” to “healing plants.”

 If you are trying to develop your sixth sense, or become more spiritually connected, remember sound. It can be a vehicle that propels you into a seemingly “other dimension” by relaxing your body and focusing your mind. Many “New Age” or “environmental” tapes are readily available for this purpose. If you wish to “call forth” a certain atmosphere...raise your vibrational frequency...or manifest, mantras and chanting are wonderful. I’m personally fond of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek chants. I use them to invoke, protect, raise, seal, and change. Mantras and chants are best learned from the person who utilizes them. The nuances of pronunciation and rhythm are hard to assimilate from books, and even tapes do not allow you to fully flow with the energy you are experiencing. There are many fine books on the market, though, that go into more depth on the principles and useage of chanting and mantras than this short treatise can cover. Be sure to look at my recommended book list if you wish a guide to further reading.

 Sufi dancing, chanting, mantras, and singing also effectively bind a group together. If you are teaching, or leading a group for any purpose (even a meeting at work), never forget that utilizing each individual’s voice, together, creates a whole. A vibratory link develops via each voice...and a class, group, party, service, seminar, etcetera then focuses and moves as a connected, conscious whole.

 When one addresses sound, one cannot forget the spoken word. The old adage “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” is based on the esoteric precept that words spoken have power. The vibration of words attracts similar vibratory events. Constantly complain out loud of ill health and financial difficulties...and you will be sure to out-picture the reality.

 So let the small “voice within” of Spirit sing out loudly...with joy, love, and the peace that passeth understanding.

 In Oneness,
Kythera Ann

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