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Sacred Geometry

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Explore sacred geometry and numbers. Kythera will address various Kabbalistic systems for further depth in understanding Biblical and sacred texts. Utilizing the higher geometries of Light, the analysis of numeric vibrations gives depth and subtlety to form. Particular emphasis will be made on using current >Meru Foundation work by Stan Tenen and correlating the impact of Pythagorean theory with current discoveries being made by modern science.

 The Kabbalistic theory of all forms, including letters having a numeric and sacred vibration that combines into the many manifestations of God energy, will be applied to personal charts as well as current events. Kythera will teach a form of sacred enumeration channeled for this particular period of history and the English language. Individuals will be able to understand the meaning of speaking "The Word" as it applies in the times we are moving through.

 Lay lines reflecting our bodies of Light and the inner-dimensional metaphor of Jacob's Ladder will be considered. How "Sacred Geometry" differs from the geometry you used in it unfolds the Universe and why "places of power" reflected these "truths" in their architecture...will be discussed and experimented with. For instance, did you know that the temple of Jerusalem was structurally based on the constellation Orion? The works of Nigel Pennick, Carlos Suarez and Aryeh Kaplan will be worked with extensively. The various versions of the Sepher Yetzirah will be explored in light of the new conclusions within the field of quantum physics.

 This course can be taken after one has taken the basic Kabbalah course.Thin animated rainbow line


"Teacher's enthusiasm very enjoyable. Laughter welcome. I appreciate the different material in each class. It was interesting and challenging."
Michael Adler- Los Gatos, California

 "Best teachings I ever received! I liked a lot of this class, the demonstrations you did on the board allowed me to have fun playing with numbers. You took math out of the classroom and unfolded the Universe! It was fun!"
Alexandra Seel- Berlin, Germany
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