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Meditation Overview

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Kythera will guide participants in experiencing various traditional and nontraditional methods of going within. Contemplation, meditation, centering and creative visualization techniques will be presented by Kythera from the Western perspective. Guest facilitators will share with participants methods from other world traditions, such as Hatha Yoga from Hindu teachings and Wide Eyed meditation from the Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhist perspective. With a sufficient number of participants, Sufi dancing will be explored also. These various techniques have been designed by all cultures to allow individuals to stay centered and be active, rather than reactive, participants in the world around them. Discover ways to improve your health, your mental state and your connection with the Divine.

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"Amazing experiences. Explanations of phenomena associated with techniques very helpful. I was happy that I finally got understanding about various experiences I have had during meditation and healing."
Hieu Truong- San Jose, California

 "Kythera, thank you for giving me techniques that I can utilize in my every day life. You've satisfied my need to understand and be able to connect with Spirit."
Terry Westergart- Sandy, Oregon

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