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Scrying: A Method of Meditation

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Scrying is an old metaphysical term used for a process of divination that utilizes a wide-eyed meditation and a reflective object. Magic mirrors, crystal balls, and pools or bowls of water are the most noted scrying tools. The shine/reflection helps keep the mind focused and a self-hypnotized state of consciousness takes effect...this state of awareness is more open to psychic impressions, and the individual who is scrying "sees" images of the present or future reflected in the shining surface being stared at.

 Larger crystal balls are commonly used for scrying. Those 3-6 inches in diameter are best. If you have a crystal ball (it really should be quartz, not glass), try this experiment:

 Place the crystal ball on a black cloth; satin or velvet is preferred. Hold the cloth and the ball in both them easily on your lap or a table so that the ball rests on the cloth and you can see it, the cloth covering your hands. Do this in a darkened room lit only by candlelight. Stare into the crystal ball...look beyond the surface to the interior of the ball. You may notice that the area of your third eye starts to throb; this is good, don't pay attention to it and just relax. Start by just allowing images to appear (much like gazing at a candle flame). You may see colors or cloud forms... look in a relaxed fashion so the eyes do not tear. Do not stare hard! This technique uses what is called "soft vision" or gazing, like one would at a sunset. Do this a few times and write (if you'd like) to me about your experiences. Allow 20-30 minutes for each meditation.

 Eventually, you can ask specific questions and gaze into the ball, and a picture form of answer will appear.

 Here are some other stones used for scrying:

Apophyllite: This stone allows one to see into the future. Such vision is facilitated when one looks sideways into the crystal; it is similar in action to the art of "gazing".

Diamond: Try scrying with a faceted diamond in soft candlelight, dazzling yourself in its inner world of color and light.

Obsidian: The black of the stone allows easy access to the subconscious mind for some and is therefore good for scrying.

 If you have none of these stones available, try scrying with a pan of water... a glass pie pan would be good...and set it on the black cloth with candlelight reflecting on its surface.

 Pleasant visions!

In Oneness,
Kythera Ann

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