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Introduction to Quartz Crystal as a Tool for Transformation

Scientifically speaking:

Natural clear quartz crystal gives off a measurable electrical impulse at a precise rate; it expands and contracts, so to speak. This electrical impulse can be programmed to quicken and to slow down. The quartz crystal can memorize when it is to expand and contract and vary its electrical patterns. Without crystals, one wouldn't have radios, televisions, or computers. Clear quartz crystals are able to receive and transmit electrical impulses, naturally. When you hold a quartz crystal, the crystal amplifies the electrical impulses that you are generating (physically and through your thoughts). It also amplifies the electrical impulses that are around you (for instance, thoughts from others) and therefore increases your awareness. Parapsychological testing has shown that one's E.S.P. is automatically increased 30% when working with crystals. This happens even if one is a novice.

Psychologically speaking:

Most of western humanity, due to their sociological environment, has learned to relate their thinking patterns to those things they can prove physically and scientifically. It is an interesting phenomenon that most westerners constantly must justify and verify their actions in a tangible way through the five senses. To reinforce and validate their "beingness" they must constantly be doing, accomplishing, seeing, hearing, etc. It appears that the possibility of true "inner quiet," of just "being"...of actually realizing and therefore becoming one's true divinity...would threaten the individual's sense of existence. Many people seem to lack faith that there is a Divine Source within; they fear to gamble (by letting go totally of the material plane of awareness) to find it. The average Westerner seems to feel that if they went off searching for Spirit, they might not find it, AND they might not be able to get back in touch with "reality" ... the phenomenological world, again.

 It is very appealing, psychologically, for many individuals when they try to "get in touch" with that which goes beyond the physical, "rational" world, to hold onto a piece of "this world" so that they can feel assured they will find their way back. This explains much of the attraction for the use of objects such as rosaries, candles, mandalas, statues, etc. When an individual uses a crystal for meditation, prayer, balance, healing, or manifestation, one can readily see the psychology behind it. The crystal gives a physical form to hold onto
while delving into the "unknown." It's "safe."

Spiritually speaking:

Western thought believes (through Bible interpretation) that Spirit created "all that is" for our use, and that humanity was given power over all the Earth. If this is true, why would Spirit give us control over everything? For what purpose are we to use the things we have control over? It is postulated that we have "control" because it is our "Divine Inheritance." When we realize that everything on Earth is part of our "Divine Inheritance," we are also to realize that all was placed here so that we can remember our individual divinity and place within the "Divine Plan." Everything, including quartz crystal, has the ability to help us to fullfill our "Divine Blueprint" if we only will take the time to understand its gift and how to properly utilize it. What a wonderful gift Spirit has given us in the form of quartz crystal! It is a tool for higher consciousness...a mineral structure that pulsates like
a beacon to guide us home!

As in all life, even the reasons for the usage of the crystal reflect total harmony and balance between the body (scientific reasons), mind (psychological reasons), and spirit (spiritual reasons). One can see why down through the ages individuals have felt comfortable, balanced, and attuned to the totality...the "Oneness" of creation,
through the use of quartz crystal.

In Oneness, Kythera Ann

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