The Healing Temple
"The Healing Temple"
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Crystal Course Description

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This course will address everything you wanted to know about crystals and were afraid to ask! Kythera Ann has been teaching crystal workshops for over 17 years throughout the United States. The course always stresses hands-on experimentation. In between the fun and laughter that are always experienced through the course exercises, you will develop your discernment by acknowledging "truths" as they relate to your own soul development. This course will enable you to cut through a lot of the misinformation and misrepresentation that is unfortunately being marketed since crystals have become popular and in vogue.

This Course Includes:

violet square bullet CRYSTAL BASICS violet square bullet
Identification, choosing, cleansing, and programming.

violet square bullet CRYSTAL MEDITATIONS violet square bullet
Receiving and projection; guides; past lives.

violet square bullet CRYSTAL USES violet square bullet
Manifestation, protection, self-healing.

violet square bullet CRYSTALS as DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS violet square bullet
Pendulum, dowsing, radiesthesia.

violet square bullet CRYSTAL MEDICINE violet square bullet
Group and individual techniques.

violet square bullet CRYSTAL ENERGY violet square bullet
Batteries, generators, wands, more group applications.

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Comments from Participants:

"Enjoyed the presentation very much...excellent on technical...easygoing, relaxed presentation, with enough levity to keep everyone on their toes."
Art Gilliam- Livingston, Montana

 "I discovered much enlightenment, just as my higher self had predicted! There has never been much of an interest in crystals before. The instructor was quite inspiring and helpful."
Ruby Frohlick- Ballinger, Texas

 "I enjoyed the hands-on experience so you could actually see how it works. Very informative learning experience."
Martin Hirose- Campbell, California

 "Amazing! I never knew such a thing could happen. Meditation had always been boring, I never saw anything, now I not only see, but hear!"
Hiroko Obara- Kowasaki, Japan

 "Very simply stated...Kythera teaches and shares from the heart!! A very satisfying experience, and I learned things that surprised me."
Jim Schodowski- San Jose, California

 "I came with an open mind and little expectation. I loved the class, the interactions and the learning. You've helped me begin to see my potential. Thank you."
Rosemary Schwehr- San Jose, California

The course provides participants an excellent tool for learning about subtle energy and and alternative healing techniques. The course usually takes 2 months to complete. Local students meet with me for 3 hours per week and do 1-3 hours per week home practice. Students participating by mail set their own pace, but average 4 hours a week of practice and e-mail dialog.

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violet square bulletIntroduction to Quartz Crystal: Tool of Transformation

violet square bulletScrying: A Method of Meditation

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