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The Delusion of Duality in the Lower Heavens

Channeled by Kythera Ann

It is imperative that we as initiates recognize consciously that the perception of duality (good/bad; light/dark; right/wrong; we/they; life/death) exists only in the lower heavens (the seven lower planes of matter/mind/form). As we enter the mid-and higher heavens (or frequencies of creative force), duality as we know it ceases to exist. ALL is ONE, an ever growing, flowing, creatively conscious whole. This is, in fact, the thrust of all "true" teachings of adepts; to facilitate individuals into the mid-and higher heavens for conscious realization and constant manifestation of higher frequencies.

 Let us elucidate: Humans, in general, perceive reality by having accumulated sensory data on the Earth in three-dimensional form (through the five basic physical senses). Through this perception they have formed thoughts, precepts, and judgements (hot/cold, male/female, happy/sad, intelligent/stupid). This is because on this plane (matter/form/mind), "reality" was formed through diffusion, or separation, if you will, of ALL into seemingly separate streams of energy. Since we rarely attempt to perceive all the streams at once, seeming opposition, discordance, conflict, and polarity appears. Even many individuals who utilize other senses (clairvoyance, astral travel, psychic arts), only tap into other dimensions or planes of the lower heavens, thus reinforcing their belief system in duality (heaven/hell, angels/demons, harmony/chaos). This constant bombardment of duality on people's perceptions has led them to believe duality as the "one and only reality" or "truth." With this belief in mind, people have guided their actions and created/manifested even more duality (war/peace, wealth/poverty, health/illness, country "x"/country "y", Republicans/Democrats, Christians/heathens, saints/sinners, etc.). Even individuals who believe in other dimensions or planes tend to be locked into, and perpetuate, the duality precepts by pursuing arcane sciences which by their very nature are dual in form (white magic/black magic, voodoo/shamanism, etc.); thus locking individuals by their actions into the lower seven heavens, and barring their perceptions and participation in the activities of the mid-and higher heavens or planes of creation. We do not mean to negate the "reality of duality" within the lower planes, such as Earth, but to try and illuminate your minds and hearts that it is not the "only reality," but in fact only a small, distorted perception, if you will, of the whole.

 It is the desire, or Divine Blueprint, if you prefer, of the ALL (collective consciousness of mid-and higher heavens) that mankind be released from the seeming bondage, pain, and suffering of the lower heavens brought about by the concept of duality and separation. How is one to do this, you ask? Many beings have taken the body of flesh, that were sent by the collective consciousness of the mid-and higher heavens to teach you this. You have known them as Avatars, Masters, World Teachers, and the Son of God. Their teachings have always been the same, cloaked in verbiage appropriate to the era and culture to which they were born. Since their teachings were spoken and taught on the Earth, people, over time, distort and fragment the teachings, making them part of the plane of duality, or Earth. This is why there is conflict, war, and separation over ideology, philosophy, and theology. This is also why we have chosen to repeat the "hows" in a non-distorted manner, in every generation and every place: so those that can listen..."hear;" those that look..."see;" those that love..."do." So with great love, we hope you will read on.

Two great truths- "To be in the world, but not of it" and "To love thy neighbor as thyself"-are the great way-showers to the mid-and higher heavens that we will address.

"To be in the world, but not of it" means to live your life (work, play, study, grow) on Earth, to enjoy and experience the lessons and teachings that Earth (mind/matter/form) offer, but to constantly keep in one's consciousness that all the experiences (famine, success, poverty, peace) are transient, that they exist only in the perception of the moment; but that you, the real "you"...your consciousness, soul, eternal, and can, at any moment, "shift gears," so to speak, and experience a myriad of realities/moments/nows. Your perceptions, experiences, are in alignment with your beliefs and actions on this plane. When you change your perceptions and beliefs from duality to all-inclusiveness, you will act in "oneness." When you perceive and act in "oneness," you are actually manifesting and moving in a higher frequency than the lower heavens (dimensions) around you. You are therefore able to move through more dimensions than the lower heavens, and consciously communicate with the mid-and higher heavens. You will be "In the world but not of it."

 One of the simplest ways to start removing the duality of your experience is to monitor your concepts and thoughts. Look at a "person" instead of a man or a woman. Look at "people" instead of seeing blacks, orientals, whites. Look at "life" instead of seeing plants, animals, people. Look at "Earth" instead of seeing countries; look at Nature's whole cycle, instead of dwelling on winter or spring. Constantly trying to see the "big picture" instead of the "individual frame" in all things, will start you on the path of wholeness and oneness from within. You will automatically start changing your actions from a separation/dual purpose to one of wholeness. For example, if one sees people instead of races, it is impossible to act or react on a racist level.

 The statement "Love thy neighbor as thyself" is the greatest teaching, truth, and key. As one loves, truly loves, any thing, person, situation, or event...conflict/duality cannot exist. If you truly love your boss as you love yourself, you will do your best job, and you will also find it difficult to feel separation between boss and employee. The duality dissolves. Even work and play become one joyous expression of doing. When you see Earth instead of countries, and love each person as yourself, you won't be able to have war. If you truly love the person in the car in front of you doing twenty miles an hour in a 45-mile-an-hour zone, you won't be able to honk the horn and yell, and he won't be able to ruin your day; and when the person in the slow car loves you, he will move over at the first opportunity and not be annoyed that you were riding his tail, but hope you get where you are going safely.

 These teachings are so simple in concept, yet the lower heavens constantly seem to throw roadblocks into your applications of them. The only way they work is by constant vigilance and commitment to your thoughts and actions. Do not get frustrated by seemingly uncontrollable negative events.






As more and more individuals apply these two simple concepts in their every breath, the world will naturally change. Wars will cease; the people will heal the Earth instead of polluting it. Jails will be empty; cruelty will be unknown. Hold this vision, this "truth." It is possible to move the entire Earth out of the duality of the lower heavens/planes/dimensions. If you see the opposite happening in your lives, don't worry; hold true to your vision. Hold true to the beliefs of "oneness" and of "love;" work never-ceasingly to manifest it in your every thought-form, word, and deed! If you do this...when you leave your vehicle of flesh...your consciousness will go on to work with the collective consciousness of the ALL. Nothing is ever lost; you are eternal, and we have eternity.

In Harmony Through Oneness,


Kythera Ann is a conscious channel, not a trance medium. She is blessed with the ability to directly connect to Spirit and her "higher self" through various modalities. This article was channeled through a process called "automatic handwriting."

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