Channeling the "Voice Within"
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Our problems and difficulties are always in direct proportion to our ability to listen to, and follow, the direction of the "voice within." This course involves guided imagery and discussion to process the old thought forms that prevent us from hearing the "still small voice," and to learn how to keep that connection clear. Getting in touch with our higher selves and putting into practical daily application our own Spiritual Truths is the foundation of all personal growth. To be "Spiritually Successful," one must never avoid learning how to turn within. Intense work will be directed at strengthening an individual's own guidance and releasing the dependency on others for our own spiritual "truths."

 As the course progresses, participants will learn techniques of channeling their inner voice through outer manifestations: automatic handwriting, drawing, billet reading, trance mediumship and conscious channeling. All individuals have the ability to commune directly with Spirit, sometimes referred to as the "Christ Within," inner knowingness, or the higher self. This course connects you to your centered, essentially divine self for a fuller life and more conscious awareness of the God within.

 The course usually takes 2 months to complete. Local students meet with me for 3 hours per week and do 1-3 hours per week home study. Students participating by mail set their own pace, but average 3 hours a week of study.


"The material was complete and well prepared. Kythera is also very professional, yet relaxed and at ease with groups. Great ability to bring out the group energy."
Betsy Smith- San Jose, California
"I learned more in a few hours, than in months of reading books! Best, I had my own personal questions finally answered."
Bev Johnson- King City, California

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