Painting: Spider Grandmother
"Spider Grandmother"
Design by Jon-William Brown

The Spider Grandmother is the link
between the world we know
and the worlds beyond, before, and between.
She is in tune with the deep motivations
of the collective unconscious.
She is the keeper of the old ways,
the ways which resonated most
purely the SOURCE,
the ways of our ancestors.
The Spider Grandmother is the great matriarch,
the protector of ancient knowledge,
the archetypal medicine woman.
She teaches us patience
and discipline through ritual.

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Create Your Own Ceremony/Ritual

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With the downpouring of seventh-ray energies upon humanity, it is appropriate that individuals learn how to create living and viable ceremonies for their lives. Ceremonies are a vital outward expression of any group endeavor, from healing the earth, celebrating spring, sharing the Eucharist, marking an initiation, to generating world peace, etc. Kythera will teach individuals the significance of ceremonial symbolism and how to move energy from inward realization to outward manifestation. Participants will experience several different kinds of ceremonies. Learn how to celebrate special events in your life throughout the year. Create unique moments for your own Spiritual renewal and growth, bonding with family and friends, or healing dear ones, the earth, humanity. Kythera will share techniques for creating sacred spaces using traditional and nontraditional methods. Whether you want to plan a wedding, prepare for a vision quest, or commemorate a girl's first moon, ceremonies can make the event a profound experience. This course is filled with mini ceremonies so that students experience a variety of energies.

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"I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of techniques that I can utilize in the future. I really appreciated the confidence the workshop generated in my ability to organize and facilitate ceremonies in the future."
Leane Bowen- Santa Cruz, California

 "I learned to understand more about understand what I also already develop my own ceremony. Our time was well spent with our own preparation for the ceremonies we developed...
I wish the course was longer."
Dinnie McLaughlin- Los Altos, California
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