The Gathering
The Gathering
by Gilbert Williams
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Ceremony is what we do when we want to make a moment that it stands out from our daily routine. It differs from ritual, in that ceremony is will never be done again quite the same. Most people are used to ritual, the special ways one observes holidays, graduation, etc. Some rituals can also be part ceremony; a unique wedding service is a good example. One can liken ritual to the element of form, as it lends itself towards being static and constant; ceremony can be likened to flow, as it tends to be dynamic and ever changing. People find that ceremony and/or ritual can feed them emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually, because ceremony and ritual require one to be present, in the moment. When we are fully present, we become empowered.

 Being in the Present equates to "Awareness." No ceremony can occur unless the participants consciously know about it, agree to its significance, and are willing to be involved. Ceremony requires each of us to consciously desire to give of ourselves because we believe it to be important, in some way, to fulfill our self: a feeding for something inside us. One of our "bodies" wants to connect with something for nourishment and growth. Imagine the awareness element as the self reaching out for something that can be brought back into itself. The element we bring back to ourself, the awareness we gain by being fully present, is very empowering. When our awareness is vaster our joy and pleasure is likened to a celebration, a feast, and a party.

For us, spiritual ceremony fills each of our bodies with nourishment to an extent greater than vitamins, diet, exercise or study could accomplish. It gives the connection to our central system that, in turn, feeds the rest of us. It offers a complete, holistic program that when used appropriately, and with discernment, is free of additives, negative side effects, government regulation, and popularity/social stigma concerns (use of discernment recommended).

 Ceremony is a wonderful way for each of us to stay healthy and grow. We have found that it can quite simply mean the difference between living and existing. No "home" can be complete without it.

In Oneness,

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