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Kabbalah and the Autiot

The aim of kabbalah, rightly understood, is to lead the mind, by a system of practices, to clearer and clearer apprehensions of spiritual truth as fast as consciousness becomes fitted to realize them. It is impossible to take the average individual direct from their ordinary state of mind into the higher levels of prayer and mystical consciousness, but it is quite feasible to lead them step by step through successive interpretations of a symbol system to such an understanding and realization. Kabbalah utilizes the Hebrew glyphs (letters) and the schematic called the "Tree of Life" to do this. These symbols are combined with sound and color to create a multitude of exercises designed to develop the ability to directly connect with Spirit and consciously experience higher Understanding. Kabbalists (those who utilize kabbalistic practices) never define an ultimate Truth. They believe Truth not to be finite, but as Spirit, infinite. Therefore, Truth can never be enunciated at all in its ultimate form, only glimpsed in relative position to the moment of experience.

When one studies Kabbalah, one realizes that there are no vowels in the Hebrew glyphs, only consonants. The original Torah was written not only without vowels but without word breaks! It was designed to require Kabbalistic meditative practices to unlock its meaning. This is why there are over 900 approved Rabbinic interpretations to the first word in Genesis, which we usually translate as "In the beginning."

Let us look at the word translated as "Holy" in the Bible. What does it mean? What is the "truth" behind Holy? In the Bible the Hebrew glyphs that are defined to be translated into the English word "Holy" are: Q D V Sh, usually transliterated as Kodoish. We will now unfold the meaning of this word by the symbolism of its glyphs. Q is the Hebrew glyph Qoph. One of its meanings is that of soundless joy. D is the Hebrew glyph Dalet. One of its meanings is that of a door. V is the Hebrew glyph Vav; one of its meanings is that it connects one thing to another. Sh is the Hebrew glyph Shin; one of its meanings is that it is a fire of purification (a supernal fire that metaphorically turns lead into gold...experience). Taking these individual symbols and stringing them together, our understanding of the word Holy could lead to: Holy means that through experiencing existence, one's consciousness eventually connects to a state of perfect bliss. This puts a whole new Light on what is Holy, doesn't it?

So what is a Holiday? A Holy Day?

In Oneness

Rev. Kythera Ann

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