Priest and Priestess

Bible Study:
Priest and Priestess Rejoined

Take a new look at the Bible texts in light of other documentation of the period. Discover how the feminine has been masked in the prevalent theology of today, but was intrinsic to Judeo/Christian beliefs prior to the fall of the second temple. The role of the female as prophetess, priestess, and goddess was balanced with that of prophet, priest, and god. Two thousand years of misinformation has led to the disintegration of the balanced Spiritual flow between the sexes. We will start reevaluating, so that we can readjust and reempower the Western Tradition as Jesus and the Magdalene intended.

The course provides participants an excellent overview for redefining the male/female paradigm within the Western Tradition and in their own lives. The course usually takes 2 months to complete. Local students meet with me for 3 hours per week and do 1 hour per week home study. Students participating by mail set their own pace, but average 3 hours a week of study.

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"Kythera once again embarks on a tour de force of epic proportions. Synthesizing and ennervating the Christian faith as it has not been since before the fracturing caused by the Mithran state religion called "Catholicism." Ian says...check it out!"
Ian Wuolle - Boulder Creek, California

 "An original, and therefore enlightening, interpretation of the Bible. By interpreting male and female figures as forces, it has enabled me to see and recognize these forces in and around me. In conclusion, I realize that without these forces in balance in our lives, world peace is an ideal, not a reality."
Angelina Papadopoulos - San Jose, California

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