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The Tree of the Way of Realization by Kythera Ann
"The Tree of the Way of Realization" by Kythera Ann

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Become familiar with the Tree of the Sephiroth, its nomenclature and symbols. Meditations with major Kabbalistic archetypes, angels and the paths will be experienced. Participants will actually create their own tree, in each of the four worlds (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), that they can take home for continued meditation, contemplation and revelation.

 Participants will do traditional Kabbalistic research and unfold the Universe in accordance to their perceptions. Associated texts such as the Zohar, Bible, and works by Rabbi Kaplan and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov will be studied. Students will be exposed to several methods of Kabbalistic group work, including participation in a Hermetic Qabalistic ceremony. The work done in this section will forever affect your life by allowing you to consciously, with your will, maintain open gateways to dimensions you already know through your experiences with love, peace, meditation and devotion.

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"I appreciate the light-heartedness with which you present this "deeply significant" material. I also appreciate your capacity to integrate the vast subject matter and to share and communicate it."
Julie Matthews- Los Altos, California

 "This has been what I've been hungering for and will continue to hunger for...the door has been opened and I'm sure this will be a lifelong study. I'm glad I found you, Kythera."
Angelina Papodopolous- San Jose, California

 "Your knowledge, both academic and intuitive, amazes do an excellent job of describing and providing access to additional resources, such as books and tapes."
Tricia S.- San Jose, California

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The School's "Kabbalah Course" and "Sacred Geometry Course"
should be taken prior to this course.